Homestrife is a fan-community made multiplayer fighting game project based on the source material Homestuck on Darlos9D and frozenMeatpopsicle from the MSPAForums are the 2 lead developers behind this project.

Download Download our latest demo.(Pre-Alpha Demo 3.1, October 2013)

You can follow the creators and development in multiple ways. You can:
- Official Homestrife Facebook page Like our official Facebook page
- Official Homestrife Twitter Follow us on Twitter
- frozenMeatpopsicle's Tumblr Follow frozenMeatpopsicle on tumblr
- Darlos' Tumblr Follow Darlos9D on tumblr
- Official Youtube Channel Follow our official Youtube channel for periodic development videos
- Homestrife Sub-Reddit Check out our Homestrife Sub-Reddit
- Follow the development thread on
- Keep track of the Wiki
- Keep track of the Development Blog

We are also currently looking for animators and artists to help speed up progress. For info on how you can help, check the blog. If you have any other kind of enquiries, you can email us at homestrifegame[at]gmail[dot]com.

Latest Dev Blog Posts

New deadline set!
From frozenMeatpopsicle

Pre-Alpha 3.1 (minor fixes and additions)
From frozenMeatpopsicle

Demo 3.0 now available!
From frozenMeatpopsicle

Demo 3.0 date.
From frozenMeatpopsicle

Animators needed
From frozenMeatpopsicle